Manuscript Format Guidelines

File Format

Manuscript file should be in MS Word file format with .doc or .docx file extension.

Page Formatting

Manuscripts should be formatted for ISO standard A4 paper with margins of 3 cm from top, 2.5 cm from left, right and down.

Title of the Manuscript

Title of the manuscript should be 16 point Times New Roman font with bold lower case letter except for the first letter. For example,

The effect of problem based learning activities on seventh grade students' mathematics achievement 


First level headings should be 12 point Times New Roman font in bold. Second level headings should be 12 point Times New Roman font in italic. Headings should be aligned to the left.

Main Body

Main body including quotations and references are set to be 12 point Times New Roman font. Text in the main body should be justified (aligned to the left and the right). Text in tables and figures should not be set to less than 10 point Times New Roman font. 

Manuscript Length

Manuscripts are expected to be no more than 40 pages in length (except for references and supplementary materials). Main body  should be 1.5 lines spaced. Text in tables and figures may be single-spaced. In addition, there should be 12 point spacing after paragraphs.

Abstract and Keywords

Abstract should be limited to 300 words. There should be three to five keywords located immediately after the abstract. Abstract and Keywords are set to be 10 point Times New Roman font.

Tables and Figures

Tables should be in APA style. Title of a table should be located above the table. Figures should be in JPG or PNG file format with at least 600 dpi. Title of a figure should be located below the figure. Figures and their titles should be aligned to center of the page. 


References should follow APA style with 1 cm hanging indent. References should be single spaced. For example,

De Jong, T., Linn, M. C., & Zacharia, Z. C. (2013). Physical and virtual laboratories in science and engineering education. Science, 340(6130), 305-308.